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A Beka

Our Phonics-based curriculum is supplemented to provide a well-rounded education


Singing and playing with musical instruments will engage your child all day long.


Learning Spanish can be fun with our spectacular teachers

Physical Education

We provide a fun and engaging environment, for a fun and healthy child

We Offer the Following Programs:

  • toddler
    • Infants & Toddlers

    • Premier Academy offers a loving and nurturing environment for infants as young as six weeks old.
  • Pres school
    • Preschool

    • At Premier Academy, we are very proud of the educational foundation the children in our preschool program receive.
  • kindergarten
    • Pre-Kindergarten

    • Using the A Beka Book curriculum, students in Pre-Kindergarten classes at Premier Academy learn to use their skills in phonics to blend letters together and read.
  • kindergarten
    • Kindergarten

    • Premier Academy offers kindergarten to parents who want a private school experience for their children.
  • kindergarten
    • Before and after school care

    • Premier Academy offers before and after school care and transportation for busy parents. We pickup at most local schools.


Every child. Every opportunity. Everyday! Excellence is not our goal, it’s our standard!

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Chadwick Farms

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Now Hiring!

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