Feel free to substitute your child’s name and favorite character into the appropriate places to make this story all about them. Hope your back to school shopping was uneventful and first day back at school is successful. 

Maya was not happy. Tomorrow she was going to have to go to big school for the first time. She didn’t know anyone there and she wasn’t ready to leave the preschool and Ms. Anna who she loved.

Just before lunch, Mommy came home with a giant bag full of pointy things and bumpy things and colors. Maya didn’t care. Nothing could cheer her up today. She picked at her peanut butter and jelly while Mommy went somewhere in the house.

Maya could hear crinkly plastic and Mommy zipping and snapping things in the other room, but still Maya didn’t care. Why didn’t Mommy see how unhappy she was and tell her she didn’t really have to go to big school tomorrow?

“Why don’t you go play in your room for a bit,” Mommy said when Maya finally finished half of her sandwich.

Mommy usually only sent Maya to her room when she was angry with her or when she was tired. Mommy didn’t look tired, but she didn’t look angry either. Just in case, Maya tiptoed through the dining room on her way to the stairs.

It was all pink and it had ears and it was propped up in the corner waiting for her. Maya loved  Hello Kitty and now her face was looking out from the pink like only a best friend can do.

Maya reached out to hug her new friend, but the backpack was heavy and hard, not soft and squishy like when Maya was going over to her friend Sarah’s house.

Curious, Maya decided to find out what was inside.

Riiiiip, went the zipper all the way around. Maya did it slow so it wouldn’t make too much noise. She wasn’t sure if she was supposed to be opening the bag or not and she didn’t want Mommy to get mad. A little peek wouldn’t hurt.

But Maya was wrong. Inside the bag were so many amazing things. Each time she thought she knew what she found, it would open up to give her another treasure.

A book with Hello Kitty dancing on it opened up to show her a pocket with Hello Kitty pencils and Hello Kitty erasers.

A plastic box opened up to show her a whole set of colored pencils and a little pencil sharpener. Maya loved coloring books with her Mommy.

A box that showed Hello Kitty out shopping with her friends held pink scissors, some pink tape, and a pen that wrote with pink ink. Maya wasn’t really sure what the curly pieces of pink metal were for, but just before she started peeling one apart, the air in the room changed. Maya knew she wasn’t alone anymore.

“Those are paperclips,” Mommy said from above. Maya watched as Mommy knelt down and showed her how the paperclip could hold two pieces of paper together. “You use them in big school.”

Maya wasn’t sure why someone might want to do that, but it was fun to know how to use them. She remembered seeing them on Mommy’s desk in her office and suddenly, Maya felt very important. Pretty soon, she would be learning why someone might want to clip two pieces of paper together this way. What other cool things might they learn?

If this was what going to big school meant, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad after all. She smiled at her Mommy.

“Maybe school will be okay,” she said.

A New Friend for School
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