World Environment DayMonday is World Environment Day and the perfect time to act on this year’s theme, “Connect with Nature.” Except the weather forecast calls for rain through the weekend into Tuesday. So what can you do trapped inside?

While the chances of rain are reported to be high, forecasts can be wrong and the storms might not last all day every day. Take advantage of any lulls in the storm to explore the many ways the world is different when it’s wet.

If the rain hasn’t been too bad, maybe it’s still a good day to teach your children the simple joys of puddle-jumping in the park. Examine how beautiful the glint of sunlight can be reflected in the caught raindrop in the bowl of a leaf. Count how many worms you can spot on the walkways, how many strange bugs have come out of hiding, feel the cool texture of wet sand.Wet Leaf

Even if the rains are heavy, it may be possible to do some of this on the sidewalks in front of your house. However, if it’s just too dangerous to get outside, there are some ways you can explore nature from the safety of the house.

You could have your child help you water any living plants you have inside, feel the wet dirt in the pot, and talk about how the worms outside help the plants breathe and the water get through the hard ground.

Connecting with nature is an important part of childhood. When you live in the city, it can be hard to remember or to take time out of your limited hours off to simply sit outside while the children explore.

Puddle JumpingWhile at child care, especially during our summer day camp programs, your child will get a healthy dose of outside playtime throughout the course of the day, but they don’t always get the level of intense exploration that allows them to feel they are an important part of the natural world.

Add an extra bit of fun to the day by taking plenty of selfies of you and your child reconnecting with nature. You can send them in to the World Environment Day website to be shared across their media channels. You can also get more ideas of how to celebrate the day and connect with nature on your own on its blog.

Celebrate World Environment Day