Santa likes adults tooWith the kids out of school, relatives coming into town (or maybe you’re heading out of town), and all the cooking, cleaning, socializing with holidays parties and events, and entertaining, it’s easy to get worn out quickly.

And the little ones being home from school and all excited about what Santa’s going to bring them aren’t very helpful in reducing your levels of stress or overwhelm.

In all the holiday hustle and bustle, don’t forget to schedule a little time for play. Remember what you used to feel like before you inherited all the holiday responsibility? When Christmas was simply a time of magic and wonder?

When was the last time you felt that way?

Part of the reason we lose this sense of awe at this time of the year is because we allow ourselves to become too involved in all of those other activities that come along with a festive holiday – the planning, the party hosting, the providing of meals, the responsibility of entertaining, the stress of finding the right gifts to give, and, perhaps the most overwhelming of all, keeping the magic alive as long as possible for that special little person who still has stars dancing in their eyes.

We know just how important all that other stuff is and it matters. It does make a difference in the cohesion of the family, the workplace, the magic found in the season by the children. But it shouldn’t come at the cost of missing out on some of that magic for yourself.

Remember, there’s nothing wrong with scheduling a little time to enjoy some of that wonder for yourself.

Here are a few suggestions you can try:

Heat of the Moment Solution

You kind of have to prepare for this one ahead of time, but it’s worth it. First, take a few minutes to remember some scene or moment from your own childhood when you felt the magic of the season was particularly strong.

Childhood Christmas Magic

Once you’ve identified the memory, try to remember as much of the detail as you can. Bring it to life in your mind, complete with colors, sounds, people, voices, smells, textures, tastes, anything that you can include. Make it feel as real as if you stepped back in time.

It might help to journal about that moment to bring out even more of the detail.

Now that you have that memory freshly polished up, it’s ready to be used at a moment’s notice. When the world is spinning past you at breakneck speeds and you have 15 things to do in 10 minutes or less before company arrives, use the first 10 seconds of that time to close your eyes, take a deep breathe or three, and bring that memory front and center.

Breathe the freshness of your youth back into your day and you might be surprised by how much of those chores you were so worried about can either be completed in the nine minutes you have left or were simply not that important in the first place.

Plan Time for You

I know, it doesn’t seem possible. With so many people depending on you to make their holidays bright, it’s important that you take a little time for you. After all, it’s your holiday as much as theirs. While children often struggle to figure out how to give Mom or Dad anything special, you can let them know what you really want is a quiet time for a luxurious bath or some time out working on a new project.

It might even be something they could join you in. A long walk in the park, a movie night with popcorn and candy, someone to vacuum the floor before company comes.

Sure, children will probably grumble if you ask them to do a chore, but when you let them know how much of a gift it is to you to have them help a little with the work side of the holidays, children can contribute a lot to helping take the load off a little while still keeping things fun.

Whatever it is, make sure in all of your holiday planning there’s at least one thing planned simply for your own enjoyment. It might feel selfish, but taking that one step can actually make the holidays better for everyone.

From all of us at Premier Academy, we wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas this weekend full of beautiful memories, happy children, and your own bright moments of pure joy.

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