This week is graduation week. Our little ones are excited, getting ready to advance to the next level whether that means they’re moving one classroom over into kindergarten or discovering a new educational home in the ‘big school.’

While most parents are eager to celebrate with us, there are always a few who question whether we’re making too much of a big deal out of this first step. Here are some reasons it’s important to reinforce to your child the importance of celebrating each step along their journey.

Small steps lead to big goals

Every day, your little one has worked hard to follow the rules, play nice with the other kids, do as they’re told, and learn what’s presented. They’ve grown a lot in this past year, whether Pre-K or Kindergarten, and they’ve learned a lot. Those little steps deserve to be recognized with this one big celebration.

Children thrive with moments to shine

Children are just as susceptible to falling into ruts as adults. As we make our way through the year, days begin to blend into each other and, before we know it, months have passed. Wasn’t it winter just yesterday? Give kids a chance to shine from time to time to give them milestones to remember.

Encourage education

Think about it. The next time your kindergartener will have a chance to celebrate their education in this way will be eight years from now. That’s a long time to stay dedicated to something they aren’t sure has much value. Start their journey off with a bang and give them something to look forward to.

Happy graduation to all our little graduates. Don’t forget, graduation ceremonies are this Friday starting at 7 p.m. at the Trophy Club location gym.

We also bid a very fond farewell to our Westlake location this week. After 17 years of dedicated service to the Westlake area, we are moving out and into other areas. Stay tuned for more information. In the meantime, children who attended Westlake are invited to transfer to our two nearest locations – Trophy Club or Chadwick.

Graduation is a big deal – at any age
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