computer-kidThat moment the little one approaches your knee and wants to spend some time on the computer with you. You can’t resist those big eyes and the chance to sneak in a few more cuddles before they get too big. But where can you find a quality site for your little one before they are distracted by a flash at the window? 

That’s what this post is all about. Here are three recommended sites to find plenty of games for your little one along with a few reasons why we like them.

This site has an amazing collection of games, worksheets, workbooks, and fun activities for arts and crafts, science and other learning projects for preschool level and up. Even though they have a ton of information, they know exactly what you’re there for. Games open immediately from the collection page. For example, here’s the Preschool page which gets you playing literally within three clicks.  No sign up required.

ABC Mouse

You may already be familiar with ABC Mouse Early Learning Academy. This site is dedicated early learning, progressing your child through a series of programs designed to enhance preschool, pre-K and kindergarten learning. While we enjoy the program, it does have some limitations and requires registration and a monthly membership. They will let you try the program for free for the first 30 days, though, to determine if it’s something your child enjoys.


JumpStart is another company that has specialized in digital education delivery for young children for decades. Like, they have a lot of games available to play directly from their games page and have activities organized according to age group. It isn’t as graphically appealing, but it offers more activities at a glance.

There are some of the more popular sites, but we’re always interested in evaluating new approaches to educational excellence. Have you found any sites you’ve found particularly helpful?

Its Play Time: 3 Safe Learning Sites

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