One of the things small children struggle with most is knowing how to deal with increasingly complicated life issues. Providing them with the tools they need to handle different situations can also be challenging for adults who struggle to understand the limited perspective of a child.

That’s not the case with adult and author Kobi Yamada. His first book, What Do You Do With an Idea?, children and adults can learn a few things about how to make their ideas reality.

While this is important, his latest release, What Do You Do With a Problem?, may be even more helpful.

In this book intended for preschool through first grade, children are introduced to a nameless little boy who has an unidentified problem that follows him around everywhere he goes. Not knowing quite what to do about it, the little boy worries about the problem, but it doesn’t go away. He tries to ignore it, but it still doesn’t go away. In fact, it just seems to be getting bigger.

Finally, when the child manages to build up the courage to turn and face his problem, it turns out to be something completely different from what he thought.

The book encourages children, and adults, to look at problems from a different perspective – as a means of discovering just how strong, brave, and capable we can be. They help us learn more about ourselves and often lead us to discovering amazing things about the problem, ourselves, and the opportunities opened up for us.  

What our little friend in the book discovers is that problems can have a strange way of bringing unexpected gifts when and if we have the courage and determination to face them. Rather than being something to fear, it is important to look at problems instead as an opportunity to grow.

Enhancing the book are beautiful and creative illustrations created by Mae Besom. Check out the book at your favorite bookseller today.

Hot new book release: What Do You Do With a Problem?