Does your little one struggle to stay still during lessons?Young children can struggle with learning how to sit still during table lesson time for various reasons. If your child struggles with staying focused during class times, here are some techniques you can try:

Give your child has plenty of time to run around and play during unstructured parts of the day. Having time to run around after school, and during scheduled play periods throughout their school day, not only helps children use up some of their energy, it also helps them with important neurological and cognitive development.

Make sure they get a good night’s sleep. Like any of us, being tired naturally lends itself to being grumpy and having difficulty concentrating. When children find themselves in this state, they turn to fidgeting and poking at other students to try to keep themselves awake.

Talk to your child’s teacher about allowing your child to stand at their desk if they are having a particularly difficult time with sitting. Standing at the table instead of sitting can help with fidgety behavior and offered to the child as a choice, never as a punishment. 

Consider working with your child’s teacher to allow a fidget toy such as a stress ball for them to use during table activities. This can be a powerful reward for good behavior during other portions of the day as well and, with something for their hands to be busy with, your child will find it easier to concentrate and stay focused.

Finally, scientific study into the effectiveness of aromatherapy has demonstrated that the use of cedarwood can help fidgety children settle down and concentrate. Two ways you can find out if this might work for your child would be to ask if cedarwood can be used in a diffuser within the classroom during instruction times or work with your child’s teacher to allow your child to inhale the aroma coming from a cotton ball with cedarwood essential oil protected within a zip baggie just before instruction time.   

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