baby_laughingPremier Academy offers a loving and nurturing environment for infants as young as six weeks old. These classrooms are specifically designed to provide your child excellent individualized care and safety while also providing a stimulating environment for them to explore and learn. As the children grow and reach each developmental milestone, our teachers are specially trained to evaluate and adjust the lesson plans based on each child’s current stage of development.

Our infants and toddlers are promoted based on the child’s development to ensure appropriate toys and activities are available for each stage. They’re also introduced to the earliest phases of our Frog Street curriculum, scientifically designed with our very youngest children in mind. As the infants become toddlers, the lesson plans will begin to include sign language to aid in communication as verbal language skills are being developed. These children will receive a gentle introduction to letters, numbers, colors, shapes, music and art, and before they enter preschool, each child has a basic foundation for entry into the A Beka Book program.