Usually, Jenny liked to go shopping with Mommy. Today, everyone was at the store. Jenny stuck close to Mommy’s skirt and hoped they would leave soon. She was surprised when she recognized the fountain in the mall. She didn’t even know that’s where they were.

It seemed like they were standing in line for a long time and Jenny wondered what was so important that Mommy was willing to wait so long. She didn’t even remember a store being here. Mommy wasn’t carrying anything she wanted to buy either.

Jenny looked around. There were lots of other kids in line, all with Mommy’s who were not carrying anything to buy. Two kids were talking to each other behind her. She knew she wasn’t supposed to listen to other people’s conversations, but Jenny couldn’t help it.

“What are you going to ask for?” the little girl with the pink coat asked the little boy with the toy boat.

“I want a ‘mote control boat,” the boy said. “And I want some Legos, and a building set, and a puppy and some magnets.”

“I want a dollhouse,” the girl said even though no one had asked her. “I want the one with the pink ribbons and the purple furniture, but I don’t want those dolls. They are ugly. I want the dolls from the other house, but Mommy says they can’t get both. Maybe Santa can do it for me.”

Jenny thought the little girl seemed very picky. She would be happy with just a dollhouse of any kind. Did that girl say something about Santa?

Jenny peeked around the adults that were standing all around her. She had to take two steps away from her mom for a minute, but finally she saw him. He was sitting on a giant red chair, with white fur all around him. There were candy cane poles that made a gate  around a magical hill that looked covered with sparkling snow. Two green elves were working alongside him, helping children standing in line step up to Santa Claus so they could tell him what they wanted. It was the same line Jenny was standing in!

“Are we going to see Santa Claus?” she asked Mommy, excitement dancing in her eyes.

“Of course!” Mommy said with a smile.

Jenny counted how many kids before she would get her turn to talk with Santa. There were 12 kids in line in front of her. Jenny was proud that she could count past 10. Now she knew she had some time to figure out what she wanted to ask Santa for.
She remembered lots of toys she’d seen on TV and that some of the other kids talked about at school. She thought hard and finally came up with three things she really wanted to ask Santa for.

Now that Jenny has her list, what’s on yours?

Jenny goes to see Santa