Jenny didn’t want to get out of bed. It was too cold outside of the blankets. But Mommy was calling and she better get up for breakfast.

She didn’t notice anything strange until she got to the stairs. Green ropes of pine trees looped around the banister and there, at the bottom, sat Mikala, Jenny’s Christmas Elf!

“Christmas is coming!” Jenny shouted as soon as she saw the elf. She knew it only came to visit when Santa was getting near. She bounced down the rest of the stairs before she remembered Mommy told her not to do that anymore.

“Oops, I’m sorry,” she said to the elf. “I just forgot. I didn’t mean to be bad.”

The elf smiled at her. Jenny felt Mikala must understand. She hurried into the kitchen before Mommy had to call again. Mikala might not like it if Jenny broke the rules twice in one morning.

“How do you know Christmas is coming?” her mom asked her when Jenny climbed into her chair. She had a smile on her face, so Jenny knew she was right, Christmas really was coming.

“Mikala is here,” Jenny announced.

“She is?” Mommy asked.

“She was just sitting on the banister,” Jenny said.

Mommy reached for Jenny’s hand to go show her, but when Jenny and Mommy got to the bottom of the stairs, Mikala was gone!

“Where did she go?” Jenny asked.

“Maybe she’s hiding,” Mommy suggested.

Jenny knew Mikala liked to play games a lot.

“Maybe she’s playing hide and seek.”

“Well, she knows you’re supposed to be eating your breakfast now. Maybe she’s hiding until later,” Mommy answered.

Jenny didn’t need to be told twice. She ran back to the table and ate all her breakfast and didn’t even complain about the orange squirting juice at her.

It took all the way until they were on the way to school before she started worrying about Mikala being back. Now that Mikala was here, Jenny was going to have to pay a lot more attention to not breaking any of the rules.

She was going to have to think hard to remember all the rules she needed to follow. She decided to draw some pictures that would remind her of what she was supposed to do.

Can you draw some pictures that remind you of what you’re supposed to do?

Mikala arrives