The summer heat is kicking in which means, of course, time to indulge in one of the nation’s favorite treats of all time – Ice Cream!

Did you know July was officially declared National Ice Cream month by Ronald Reagan on July 9th, 1984? It’s a perfect time to get in a little extra of your favorite flavors or experiment with a few new ones.

My favorites were always pink bubblegum and mint chocolate chip, but many ice cream companies are coming up with new ways to celebrate the creamy deliciousness that is this month’s favorite treat.

Keep an eye out for Polar Pizzas and free waffle cones from Baskin Robbins and enticing new flavors in both dairy and dairy-free ice cream versions from Ben and Jerry’s. Random mix-n-match flavors are likely also available at your favorite local ice cream parlor like The Ice Cream Place or Braums.

In case the little one starts asking those difficult questions, you can tell them with confidence that the nation’s favorite flavors are still chocolate and vanilla and it takes about 50 licks to eat an average scoop.

If ice cream just really isn’t your thing, you could celebrate with a milkshake, frozen yogurt, or even an icee, but if you really want to keep the calories off, stop in at the local post office and pick up a book of commemorative stamps featuring all the old favorites – double scoops, banana splits, milkshakes and sundaes.

Speaking of Sundaes, why not treat yourself and the family to an ice cream night with build your own sundaes and favorite movies on the big screen?

Other, less messy ways, to celebrate could include coloring pictures of ice cream, creating window clings in frosty shapes, or cutting out paper cones and scoops to mix and match as desired.

What other ways can you think of to celebrate National Ice Cream month?

National Ice Cream Month
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