Premier Academy STEM programAll summer, all four Premier Academy schools focused on a STEM summer and, if you’ve been reading the blog, you are aware of where the extra A comes from in the acronym – Art!

After all, without creative thinking, we don’t Innovate much in the way of science, technology, engineering, or math.

Did you catch the magic word that links today, Nov. 8, specifically with the concepts of STEAM?

I’ll spell it out, just in case. N (as in In) – OV – 8.

The national holiday is inspired by Project Mc2 brand, created by MGA Entertainment. It is the mission of Project Mc2 to help reduce gender disparity in the STEAM areas by encouraging girls to take a more active and engaged interest in these topics.

For example, they’ve made super smart girls the heroes of a super-secret spy organization, NOV8, in an Emmy-nominated Netflix original series and interactive online community for kids.

Whether boys or girls, your kids can join McKeyla, Adrienne, Bryden, Camryn, Devon, and Ember on their super-secret adventures and explore the STEAM subject they gravitate toward most.

Of the US Labor Department’s predicted 10 fastest growing occupations of today and the future, most of them are related to STEAM topics. Yet, our country continues to lag behind in these fields, particularly math and science.

If we wish to stay competitive on the world market, it is important that we encourage our children to engage in creative, innovative thinking and exploring the world on an intellectual level.

!Smart is cool as it is our best way forward.

Celebrate National STEAM day today by watching the Netflix series and encouraging your child to become an honorary member of NOV8 today

National STEAM Day!