All this month, we’ve been talking about what kind of math skills your child will be developing in their preschool years. As a student of Premier Academy, your child’s practice at home is reinforced by our age-appropriate lesson plans.

As you know, we utilize the A Beka curriculum within our schools. It is highly language-based material, but you will also find classroom assignments that help develop your child’s numbers skills.

If you are curious about what types of math activities might be happening in the classroom, we welcome you to talk with your child’s teacher. Not only will she share with you some of the activities, games, and lessons she uses in the classroom, but she can help you assess whether your child is performing according to basic expectations.

You might also consider talking with teachers in the next level up from your child’s current classroom to get a sense of the skills and understanding they will be expected to have going into the next grade.

This is not to encourage you to push your child beyond the skill level they’re already on. It is important to let children develop at their own pace as much as possible. It is also important that developing academic skills such as these remain fun activities associated with warmth and pride if you want them to be encouraged about lifelong learning and development.

You can do this by showing interest in the schoolwork your child brings home, giving it an honest look and congratulating them on the things they got right. You can also reinforce they know what they’re doing by going over it again as a game and talking with your child about what they like about numbers or math activities. This can often lead to them telling you about things they don’t like as well, or trouble they’re having, in their own childlike way. Listen carefully to what they tell you and help them find solutions on their own.  

Preschool math