Has it started yet? The uncontained energy, the anxious looks, the sense in your little one that something amazing is just around the corner but some confusion as to what, exactly, that thing might be.

Here’s a quick activity to have a little fun with your little one while helping them develop a sense of time and give them something to look forward to.

The first step is to print this file. It’s only 3 pages, black and white.

Next, spend some time with your little one adding the needed color to each page. It’s up to you if you want to save each one for the first of the month, but the idea is to give your small one a means of seeing that things can sometimes take time.

Once the pictures are colored, you can talk with your little one about special events coming up during the summer months. Add in birthdays, field trips, vacations, anything you can think of.

Instead of writing in the words of each event, try drawing pictures together, or getting some small stickers that can symbolize the various dates. For example, a small cake for a birthday, a fuzzy animal for a trip to the zoo.

As new events are added to your schedule, sit down with your child and help them fill in the event on the appropriate calendar day. They’re starting to learn handy organization skills already!

Finally, hang all three of the calendars in a place where your child can see them every day. Before bed, work together to cross off that day on the calendar and see what might be coming up in the next day or week.

Now instead of being anxious because they’re excited about something without understanding why, your child can clearly see what they should be excited about and stop pestering you about when is the next splash day.

Summer is Coming
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